NPC Profile: Sharoar Bronzekin

Name: Sharoar Bronzekin

AKA:General, Hopebringer

Race: human

Class: unknown

From: unknown

Met in: Armorsmith Landing, episode 16

Looks like: An older gentleman with a military background

Info: Met in the basement meeting of the Round Earth Truthers, Sharoar is the figure of authority in the organization.


General Sharoar Bronzekin


NPC Profile: Moondrop

Name: Moondrop

AKA: na

Race: Tabaxi

Class: unknown

From: unknown

Met in: pre-recording, episode 15, Armorsmith Landing

Looks like: a tabby Tabaxi

Info: Moondrop is the owner of The Common Club, a plain looking storefront hides a ramshackle inside with piles of miscellaneous maybe broken maybe partly missing items with a back room that has some magical mechanical mechanisms.

The PCs give him a copy of a tape of sensitive nature featuring Tierns. Moondrop invites them to a meeting of the Round Earth Truthers.

Moondrop trades in secrets and information and collects random items to trade for it.