Ep 0 – A Journey Of A Thousand Hours Begins With A Single Ep

Welcome to Episode 0, a general intro episode. Feel free to skip it if you want or listen to my dulcet tones and get to know the group a little. Alternative Title: “At Least I didn’t Start This Off With A PowerPoint Presentation”

In this episode:

  • A pinch about how things are being run
  • A smidge about the world
  • A smattering about the PCs
  • A dash of mechanics



Guild Docs

Guild Recruitment Presentation

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This was a real presentation that the PCs had to sit through before we recorded session one before they joined the guild and ran a trail quest.

Guild Docs

Membership Contract

Contract for Membership Status in the Guild of the Oracle

Legally Binding Document under National Code 99B, Section 12, Subsection c as soon as all conditions are met Continue reading “Membership Contract”

World Docs

Map of the Major Cities and Landmarks of Mu

The below was done in paint by someone with no skills. You’ve been warned. Continue reading “Map of the Major Cities and Landmarks of Mu”

World Docs

The History of the Creation and Rise of the Sovereign Nation of Mu and the Principalities over which it has Dominion

The First Astral Era: In the beginning were the Holy Beings, 12 in total standing on the axises of energy that hold the universe together. As eons passed their Grace blended together, centered at the fulcrum. Out of that formed the land and the sea and the sky. Each looked across to the others and in accepting the balance that formed between them gifted the fledgling world with a unique mark of their truth. Continue reading “The History of the Creation and Rise of the Sovereign Nation of Mu and the Principalities over which it has Dominion”

World Docs

Religion in Mu

There are three main forms of religion in this world, those that follow Consistency, Hope, and Balance.



  • The Truth of Consistency

Continue reading “Religion in Mu”

World Docs

The Calendar of Mu

There are four seasons that follow those you may be familiar with.

There are twelve months, three per season.

SpringAugur, Vojo, Formo Continue reading “The Calendar of Mu”