Cast (Under Construction)

The DM

Name: Sarah
Twitter: sarahgormansama
Experience: 1ish years
Misc: Slytherin, Thunderbird, Erudite, if she’s not playing D&D she’s talking FC Cincinnati

The PCs

Name: Jason
Character: Vaan, Half-Elf Sorcerer

Name: Alex
Character: Rhys, Lizardfolk Barbarian

Alex loves long walks on the beach, reading good books by the fire, and smell of fresh cut grass. You can follow him on twitter @sarahgormansama.

Rhys: Abandoned as a child, he was raised in an orphanage and spent a lot of time on the street. He had a number of jobs as security, muscle, fighter, goon, and hunter. He is sick of being used as a tool for violence, and wants to find a better path or at least somewhere to belong.

Name: Adam
Character: Chadwick, Human Cleric

Name: Jordan
Character: Paelias, High Elf Rogue