NPC Profile: Crethias

Name: Crethias


Race: dwarf

Class: unknown

From: Herb

Met in: a hospital bed in a hospital room in a hospital in the inner city of Herb, episode 20

Looks like: an old man who is dying, has black veins crawling across his skin from his heart

Info: Crethias, one of the elders of the city of Herb, speaks with a grumbly voice that gets raspier and coughier as he keeps speaking. He is mortally ill and dies while the PCs are on quest for him. Before his death he lived at 2 Diamond Plaza. They leave the city with his family heirloom, the First Strike Whetstone.

His guard, Nyswyn, is with him in the hospital. He tells the party that he sent his grandson to investigate and he never returned. Crethias does not accept any healing because he knows why he is dying, he blames it on the choices made in the past that he has allowed.

“Save your power, god boy. It is the sin that I took upon myself eating away at my soul.”

“Think not on me, young children. Save the world’s future and let those of us who have ruined its past die away.”

“I would love to see the world as it should be, but if you can restore it my soul will live happily in the afterlife.”


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