NPC Profile: Beltin Andyl

Name: Beltin Andyl

AKA: na

Race: dwarf

Class: unknown

From: Herb

Met in: Herb, The Cutting Stone, episode 19

Looks like: a rich dwarf

Info: Beltin has met Chad multiple times throughout the years at parties both of the parents attended. Beltin’s parents have a place of authority within the dwarf capital city. They have made their money through trading and his official job is procuring difficult to get items for the aristocracy.

He is often found with a cohort of hangers on. While his family does has an estate in the inner city he keeps solo bachelor quarters as well on the outer layer at the corner of Emerald Avenue and Sapphire Street.. Through his family connections he has access to the black market and is able to get a hold of illegal and semi-legal items. He makes jokes about killing for sport and may one day try to hire Rhys away from Chad.

Beltin is in the room while the PCs have their conversation with Crethias.


Beltin Andyl

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