NPC Profile: Redma

Name: Redma

AKA: na

Race: dwarf

Class: unknown

From: unknown

Met in: Herb, episode 18

Looks like: Redma is a teenage, female dwarf with pigtail braids.

Info: Met in the Temple of Life in Herb, what Redma lacks in field experience she makes up for in excitement and enthusiasm in helping figure out what’s going on with Vaan’s voice. Don’t worry, she won’t cut his throat. She “has not made such a mistake since the beginning of her time with the temple.”

She developed a friendship with Rhys after Vaan asked for a more senior person to come give a second opinion. Upon seeing her dejected face and that she was holding back tears Rhys is moved and gives her a hug, making sure not to allow her to bite him. She gives him a cheesy little replica souvenir Temple of Life symbol and they bond over the fact that Rhys and Redma both start with the letter ‘R’.

Rhys is later torn on whether he should kill her because he believes her to be a vampire but, luckily, Vaan “handles” getting her cured.



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