NPC Profile: Karnip

Name: Karnip

AKA: na

Race: dwarf

Class: unknown

From: unknown

Met in: Herb, episode 19

Looks like:

Info: Karnip is a local guard offers to take the PCs to Chad’s contact in the city for a fee but won’t just give them directions. He is given 5 GP and and offers additional services. Later, the boys take him up on that and task him with keeping an eye on Beltin. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and stealth is not one of them. Karnip has a wife.

Karnip on his stealth and guarding Beltin:

“My job is to be seen on guard.”

“If you had to rank me on scale of 1-20 I would be average.”

“Integral part of guarding is making sure you know where the person you are guarding is.”

“You keep my secrets, I keep your secrets, I like gold.”



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