Fun Shot! – Teenage Wasteland (Baba O’Riley)

We have a one shot for you today! The main story will resumed next Tuesday. If the length isn’t you thing or one shots aren’t your jam that’s a-ok. Live on Apple, Google, Podbean, Stitcher, and Spotify! See below for full details on the PC prompt and build.




The boys were given the stats for a “commoner” class that I found initially on a D&D meme list or something. If you Google it you’ll find it. They were given absolutely no time to think about the build before the session.


Welcome to Castle Rock, a suburb town of Astoria. Astoria is the main city-state of the small collection of islands known as Clatsop. Astoria sits atop the tall hills in the middle of the main island. Clatsop is mainly fields with streams and groves of trees among the regimented farmland and orchards. Fishing is the main source of protein. Some of the smaller islands are filled with rare earth metals and towns on those islands are built around a mining culture. Castle Rock bumps up against the sea channel between the main island and a few smaller ones with multiple bridges spanning the gap starting at the port Castle Rock manages.

It is very rare that travelers from outside the city-state arrive and normally they come out of strong storms or have become lost at sea and run across the collection of islands. Local lore says that around the time Akson came a large explosion happened off the coast causing a large tidal wave that swept the islands up and dropped them off in the middle of nowhere. Trying to travel to the mainland of Mu or finding any other island outside of the small collection that makes up the city-state has always resulted in a failure to return. Do the travelers stay where they end up or do they die, unable to find land or a way to return? That is unknown.

But that doesn’t matter to you. It’s summertime. The last summer of your childhood as each of you will be starting an apprenticeship, training, or education path at the ceremony of adulthood that takes place with the end of the season. You have grown up in the same neighborhood in the small port town and often run off to your own private meeting place on the outskirts of the town where a grove of gnarled trees stand over a lazy river meandering through a the fields around the town.

*****Don’t read past here if you haven’t listened yet*****












The Door: “As many enter as may leave, beware opportunistic souls, think of all who may do grieve, it may not pay to be so bold.”

The Rivers: malamo (hatred), doloro (pain), forgeso (forgetfulness), fajro (fire), plorado (wailing)

River Mechanics: Obviously, I had something for each river. I just wanted to state, on the record, that yes, there is a different DC for crossing Forgeso depending on which way you go.

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