NPC Profile: Bravio the Lynx

Name: Bravio the Lynx

AKA: na

Race: Lynx

Class: unknown

From: Armorsmith Landing

Met in: Armorsmith Landing, episode 16

Looks like: a…lynx

Info: Bravio spends his days in luxury. When not taking casual strolls with his human he can be found lounging in any one of the many patches of sunlight, in front of the fire, on sofas and bed, and occasionally on a pile of recently laundered clothing.

His favorite food is fresh fish purchased before the first morning light from the local fisherman but he’ll eat steak as well, rare. Currently valued at 2.8 million GP, Bravio’s net worth is heavily invested in gem studded collars and land.

While he enjoys his slow paced life he has always dreamed of finding love and traveling the world together. But this is enough, for now.


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