Fun Shot! – Spring Is Coming

We have a one shot for you today! The main story will resumed next Tuesday. If the length isn’t you thing or one shots aren’t your jam that’s a-ok. Live on Apple, Google, Podbean, Stitcher, and Spotify! See below for full details on the PC prompt and build.


PC Prompt:

Welcome to the forest town of Amianto. Your people has been removed from society for generations ever since the coming of Akson. Verbal history passed down to you tells that a cohort of druids felt a deep unrest among nature at her arrival and, rather than ignore the nagging of the trees or the chatter of the brooks but not wanting to align themselves with some of the more extremist groups rallying against the new influence, they staked a southern island off the coast of the mainland of Mu and have not ventured out since.

But you are not concerned with the happenings of centuries ago. These days the island population is mostly concerned with tradition. It is winter but the planting of the spring is right around the corner and a spot has become vacant among the esteemed rank of Seeder. A choosing ceremony has been planned and each of you has been put forward as a candidate for the position of Seeder of Making.

Seeders each have a specialty (specialties can overlap in responsibilities for plants that have multiple core properties) they become responsible for and must work together to keep the flora in balance.

Seeder specialties:

Anchoring – any plant with strong roots useful in holding land together and aiding in the expansion of the coasts of the island such as trees
Covering – any plant that spans a large expanse of surface area homogeneously such as grass and moss
Producing – any plant that produces something commonly edible, uncommon foods are not controlled for or taken into consideration
Healing – any plant that has medicinal benefits both preventative and curing for physical and psychological cases
Making – any plant that produces an item useful in crafting or generating a usable item such as wood for building homes or hemp for making rope, this also includes the minimal amount of weapons the populace creates
Looking – any plant that is cultivated for primarily aesthetic purposes such as flowers

Amianto society has a tiered system of importance based on responsibility. While these positions do not tend to have much traditional power, because of their importance in the survival of the island and lack of outside contact the system suits the needs well.


Maker – in charge of expanding the island through slow, detailed magic combined with natural development as well as the integrity of the long term life of the island
Seeder – in charge of planning new flora and approving changes to current flora
Planter – in charge of implementing the planned new flora
Tender – in charge of caring for existing flora including any land maintenance like controlled burning
Gatherer – in charge of harvesting from existing flora
Weeder – in charge of removing dead or planned changed flora
Druids – do not have a role
People – born without druidic ability

PC Build

  • Level 7
  • Druid class
  • Any background from books or dndbeyond
  • Any race from the books or dndbeyond
  • Below are a few suggestions for characters or you can make your own but read through them to get an idea of what is normal and how someone would reach this stage to be nominated
  1. You are a young human adult that has a genius level ability to comprehend druidic magic but lack practical experience. The fact that you have been put forward is an honor itself and while you are only a Weeder many above you believe it would be better to gain your talents and support you until you find your feet in other areas than have you die underachieving your potential.
  2. You are a middle aged red dragonborn with a small complex about the amount of fires you started in your youth with an accidental cough or sneeze. Luckily you got your innate powers under control as you studied the natural ways and were promoted to Tender at an uncommon speed because of your niche ability to lead the controlled burning initiatives. You’ve been stuck in the role for over a decade now and you have finally trained a back-fill to the degree that there is no longer a concern with you moving onto a new role.
  3. You are an elf of modest talent that has put in close to a century grinding away, moving up a level at a time until you reached Planter. It has been a long time and you are a bit burnt out at this stage so you’ll need to dig for inner motivation to rally for this next step.
  4. You are a gnome from a family that has a strong track record of Seeders and even one Maker (the one before the current Maker). It has been the expectation of you from birth that you will gain this level so when you were nominated it was confirmation of an assumption rather than a success to be celebrated. Whether this is what you want or not doesn’t matter.

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