NPC Profile: Tierns

Name: Tierns

AKA: na

Race: Halfling

Class: unknown

From: McKinsey

Met in: McKinsey, episode 9

Looks like: A wealthy, snobbish man. When met he wears a plush bathrobe.

Info: Tierns is a wealthy landowner who owns most of the city of McKinsey. He lives on a sprawling estate and has been buying up other towns in the plains. He’s been the source¬† of economic growth and development but at a cost.

Never once did he tell the PCs to kill anyone but one of the best patrons of the guild knows what he is doing when he sends them out on the quest, right? There’s definitely only one side to any story no matter how grateful his employees are.

There was a very risque tape of  Tierns and multiple women in the lake-house, a useful piece of information the Round Earth Truthers now possess, and he collects miscellaneous items of unknown value in a safe-room behind his study that now includes the Cloak of the Asbestos Tribe traded to him by Vaan.



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