NPC Profile: Silverhawk Lingt

Name: Silverhawk Lingt

AKA: The Silentflash

Race: Wood Elf

Class: rogue

From: unknown

Met in: pre-recording

Looks like: Sporting a lithe, athletic build, Silverhawk has dark brown skin, mint eyes, and almost black hair cut in an inverse bob that she slicks back and holds with gel when fighting. She wears tight leather in dark colors and two silver knives on her belt.

Info: Silverhawk is the guild menber who recruited Paelias and checks in on him from time to time. She gives off a lethal aura that can be both intimidating and sexual depending on the person. When not handling other, private business (some of which Paelias got pulled in to before he joined the rest of the PCs in Herb) she is one of the three members of Cerberus along with Ragnok and Silas. Together the win tournaments and tackle quests. She is not fond of the idea of Paelias and Co. working with the Round Earth Truthers and is firmly loyal to Dell. She speaks in a low business sensual voice.


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