NPC Profile: Silas Lilyer

Name: Silas Lilyer

AKA: Emo Kid

Race: Human

Class: some kind of strength based sword wielder

From: unknown

Met in: pre-recording, episode 14

Looks like: In his boots he measures just shy of five and a half feet but those boots have heels. He is pasty and looks far too skinny to carry the large black claymore he wields. He has shaggy, black hair that looks chemically processed and bright blue eyes, when you can see them.

Info: In spite of his looks, Silas has an exceptionally strong handshake and can be found dead-lifting in the gym at the Guild of the Oracle when not out doing quests or participating in tournaments with his team, Cerberus, along with Ragnok and Silverhawk. He speaks in a nerdy, nasally voice and is a strong proponent of not taking shortcuts to live up to your full potential. “Hard work and a good diet and just natural talent of course.”

silas paint

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