NPC Profile: Ragnok Stormblood

Name: Ragnok Stormblood


Race: Dragonborn (black)

Class: some kind of caster

From: North Highland

Met in: pre-recording

Looks like: A black dragonborn whose scales are on the lighter side. He stands a little over six feet tall and has gray-scale horns. He wears black and gray robes that are shapeless and cover his tail. He is only visible from the neck up and his hands when he pushes back his sleeves. He has a metal pendant he wears tucked partly into his robes.

Info: While the PCs have not interacted with Ragnok directly he is one of the three members of Cerberus, the trio that has won a few Slaughters recently and go on adventurers together. The other two members are Silverhawk and Silas. He will occasionally volunteer to take new recruits out on their first quest and will help identify magical items to hone his skills.

ragnok paint

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