NPC Profile: Dell the Visionary

Name: Dell the Visionary

AKA: Dell

Race: Human

Class: Unknown

From: Unknown

Met in: pre-recording, Guild of the Oracle, Armorsmith Landing

Looks like: A majestic man with almond colored skin and no hair, he is never seen without some sort of embellishment. On the day of the private meeting Dell was painted in gold paint with flecks of jewels where his eyebrows should be and in patterns all across his head.

Info: Dell is the founder and quietly charismatic leader of the Guild of the Oracle, located in Armorsmith Landing. He is known to have occasional visions given to him by Hrob the Equivalence earning him accolades from not just fellow Grave devotees but all temples, even if they are a bit jealous.

Dell speaks in a carrying whisper that ensures listeners have to pay attention. He has gathered many devoted followers around him at almost every skill level and has developed many powerful business relationships.

His residence is behind the official building that is the Guild. It is a smaller, pagoda-like structure set among a well-tended garden. He is often seen walking the meditation path opposite the telepoint, placed at the Guild because Dell is the only authority in the city that can rival a corporate entity.

Dell holds true the twelve saying, “I feel more kinship with Akson than she feels with any god.” When asked what his deal is he has responded to our adventurers that he is, ” A humble servant tasked with rallying the support necessary for plans greater than you or I” and claims to neither be a good or bad guy but rather “only himself who is called on”.

dell paint

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