NPC Profile: Remmy DuLuk

Name: Remmy DuLuk


Race: Half-elf

Class: unknown

From: unknown

Met in: pre-recording, Guild of the Oracle, Armorsmith Landing

Looks like: Dark blue-black hair, brown eyes, tan, thin with a decent sense of in vogue fashion

Info: Remmy handles all the behind the scene bits of guild operations including legal and financal concerns as well as some general operations.

The gender of Remmy is in question as checks have confirmed they are both a female and a male at different times.


  • “I’ve always liked math from an early age. But the law, let me tell you about the law. While I had always studied math I decided I needed to be more well rounded as a person, people told me I was too one sided, that I was difficult to work with as a person because i was so one dimensional, so I decided to take up the law and really invest in that as well, and threw some management on top of that and really flesh myself out and be a full fledged person.”
  • I have a hard time reading people and social cues and when people just want to be left alone.


remmy paint.png

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