NPC Profile: Leoroar Mistletoe

Name: Leoroar Mistletoe


Race: Half-elf

Class: unknown

From: Infosys

Met in: Episode 1, Infosys

Looks like: Male, middle-aged

Info: Leoroar in an investor, along with the rest of his siblings, and is known to travel in the best circles regardless of the city he is in. He likes the society and environment of Infosys and has multiple investment properties in the area along with his own mansion. He vaguely remembers Angela’s gala from last summer in Bloomberg Fells where he was involved in the fire ceremony, but he’s gone to so many galas it’s hard to remember any one specifically. He does recognize the Zara name though and is glad to trade favors with Paelias.

Paelias now owes him a favor and he will inquire at the Zara home when he is ready to cash in on it.


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