NPC Profile: Eillyassa Wolfswift

Name: Eliyassa Wolfswift

AKA: Eilly, The Seaweed Baroness (it is unclear if she has actually been given a title or if the title is merely a nickname)

Race: Human

Class: unknown

From: unknown

Met in: Episode 1 in Infosys

Info: Eilly is considered to be a genius businesswoman. She consolidated the seaweed market and now runs the seaweed empire with a monopoly on the distribution channels. She has also invested heavily in seaweed research to broaden the usage of seaweed in the world which has further driven up demand and her wealth.

Ever the efficient person, even in her personal life, she hosts parties multiple times a month to allow her to gather influence among a certain crowd and to let her fulfill any base needs she may have. When the need arises she is also known to host pop-up events. These parties are by invite only but have been known to attract party crashers.

Eilly’s staff don’t mind working for her in spite of her parties because she is an understanding and very reasonable employer. To make up for the one drawback of the job she offers competitive pay, good benefits, plenty of vacation time, and ample maternity/paternity leave. This has caused most of her staff to adopt the belief that “the best way to serve is to not know anything” and they can be almost too understanding of different vices, kinks, and fetishes to the point that they will assume petty theft is just some sort of power play.


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