NPC Profile: Circe


AKA: The Witch

Race: homebrew Nymph

Class: Transmuter

From: cove near Infosys

Met in: Episode 2, cove near Infosys

Looks like: Female, 4′ 7″ and roughly 90 lbs, daintily beautiful, young adult, long golden hair, lightly tan with no freckles, sea-green eyes, has a driftwood staff with a fulgurite on top

Is definitely, beyond any doubt, however you do the math and by whatever system you use, legally an adult.

Info: A deeply devoted follower of Akson, the PCs never learn her name but let’s say it’s written in the cookbook. Similar to how a cleric could be considered a fanatic for their specific god or goddess she was once a normal follower of Akson who found a stone on the beach after a lightning bolt struck. Through the stone she was able to glean vague instructions from Akson including the recipes that fill the cookbook. This gift increased her religious fervor.

She used the recipes as tasks to perform and started luring unsuspecting men to her cove to start working on the first recipe. Circe gathered multiple groups of guys before she was struck down by our heroes. The wine she brewed had two layers to it, the first affects the drinker to make them more open to her suggestions and the second turns them into pigs. The first is from the recipe and the second is from using the Transmuter’s Stone as the magical medium for completing the recipe.


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