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The History of the Creation and Rise of the Sovereign Nation of Mu and the Principalities over which it has Dominion

The First Astral Era: In the beginning were the Holy Beings, 12 in total standing on the axises of energy that hold the universe together. As eons passed their Grace blended together, centered at the fulcrum. Out of that formed the land and the sea and the sky. Each looked across to the others and in accepting the balance that formed between them gifted the fledgling world with a unique mark of their truth.

Saol began by weaving life into lump forms, giving them each their own place to belong. Nadur grew supplicant flora and fauna around to support the lumps. Qytet gave them shelter. Viden followed with the ability to learn and Ochrana the ability to apply that learning to safeguard themselves for Strio had given them honor and Dawl passion. Bura gave the world around them fearsome beauty to humble them. Mirtis gave them purpose through finite existence, Podvod devised their shadows, and Hrob made sure the lumps had awareness of all they must respect.



The Second Astral Era: As the Founding Races learned to embrace the 12 gifts their needs grew and they branched out across the lands from their homes in pursuit of more. It was in this time that the sentient beings that walked the earth encountered the shadows and had to begin to overcome them and in doing so leapt forward in both creativity and need. This was the time of the First Encounters and the Bleeding Ink of Life out of which sprung new cities and the Deviance of Race. In this time the Founding Races began to mix as their explorations overlapped creating the Emerging and their attempts to pervert the magical and natural order created the Unnaturals. In this age the hybrid sprung up and cemented their evolution.



The Third Astral Era: In the early days of the Great Astral Schism the Founding Races splintered between those who walked with bright ideals and those who let shadows cloud their souls. Gnomes, Halflings, Dwarves, Elves, and Humans created the Founding Coalition against which the Unending Orc Empire and the Glorious Goblin City fell as well as the other, now lesser, races, no longer considered among the Blessed Founding and never again to rise as their own. The Unnaturals and Emerging had not fought for the large-scale picture as they had no ancestral home and no divine allegiance but rather supported those who bid them stand with them, a flexibility most often displayed by the Humans.



The Fourth Astral Era: This is the era marked by the Race Wars and the Purification. The Dwarves and the Elves were races that quickly developed an intolerance for the other, preferring their own company or none at all. But as proud races they also sought to control a portion of their world more in line with their presumed importance against the other races. While the Gnomes and Halflings did not hold the same views they proudly protected the lands they saw as theirs. The humans attempted to keep the peace and gave sanctuary to the Emerging and Unnaturals as the battles spread. As each race fought each race weakened. In the Fields of McKinsey the Great Slaughter cut the Halfling race down. The Fire of the Fells destroyed much of the ancient home of the Elves. The Dragonborns, while never directly involved, were driven by greed on their own and out of that unrestrained sin came the Mountain of Fire from which their industry couldn’t recover. The losers of the Great Astral Schism began to encroach on the Gnomes eating away at them as they fought bigger battles. And the Dwarves aided in their own downfall as their greed and strength grew, their support at home weakened and the crucible of their life, their birthright city, fell in upon itself collapsing the power structure and throwing their army into disarray.

As the wars died and the Founding Races turned inward the Humans faced their own trials. The openness that had marked them early on swung back and the Purification began. Emergings and Unnaturals were culled en masse. To this day the stones of the streets of (city name) are stained with the betrayal and shame as prisoners were first shipped in, then cut down, then set back out in the tide as a slowly sinking graveyard. The Holy Beings were said to have thrown down a shock in the heart of the suffering that branded the land with a barren circle ringed by impregnable peaks and all capable of understanding were struck again with respect, awareness, and awe as the 12 stood and the Untouchable Peace was brokered.

This marked the end of the Astral eras, a time defined by race, expansion, and war.



The First and Everlasting Umbral Era: The current era represents the never-ending expanse of that peace that has held for the last two centuries and only the eldest of the Founding Races have any recollection of a time before. A corporeal embodiment of the will of the Holy Beings, who called herself Akson, walked among them and led them to the terms, known by all the Acknowledged Races who fell under the new Sovereign Nation of Mu. Once the world was back in balance she disappeared and keeps vigil to this day. The Acknowledged Races are:

Founding Races (those established at the beginning by the first gift): Dwarves, Elves (except the Drow who were disowned entirely), Halflings, Humans, Dragonborns, Gnomes

Emerging Races (those who were bred or developed naturally): Half-Elves, Half-Orcs (who sided with their Human ancestors), Firebolgs, Goliaths, Tritons

Unnatural Races (those where nature or magic was twisted or perverted): Tieflings, Kenkus, Lizardfolk, Tabaxi, Aarakocra, Genasi, Tortles

The Other Races (who do not fall under the Peace but may walk among the peaceful on an individual by individual exception with proper documentation): Bugbears, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Kobolds, Orcs, Giants, and Yuan-Ti (any other creature is considered too base)


 The Simple Rules of Peace

  1. A race governed by the Untouchable Peace must not take an action to the detriment of another of the governed races.
  2. Anyone who has broken the first may never again claim the privilege of being one of the Acknowledged Races. If the creature was an exception and not of an Acknowledged Race they will be sentenced to death.
  3. Races and creatures not of the Acknowledged can never claim the privilege of the Acknowledged but may, on a case by case basis be granted permission to coexist.
  4. Each Founding Race has gifted to it one true home over which is has principal claim and over which no other race may ever make claim. In these alone they may govern themselves independently of the Untouchable Peace. The ancestral homes are as follows:

Dwarves – Hebr in the north-west mountains

Elves – Bloomberg Fells in the southern forests

Halflings – McKinsey in the Plains of McKinsey

Humans – Mercer on the inland Sea of Seasha

Dragonborns – North Highland in the Frozen Heights near the Mountain of Fire

Gnomes – Hyder where the ocean is always warm

All other lands and cities are to be governed by the Council of the Acknowledged as shared resources of the Sovereign Nation of Mu and allowed home of all Acknowledged Races regardless of creation. The Council is to be made up of a representative from every Acknowledged Race to be seated in the Capitol City Randstad at the place where the gap was closed.

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