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The Calendar of Mu

There are four seasons that follow those you may be familiar with.

There are twelve months, three per season.

SpringAugur, Vojo, Formo

SummerEkvivalento, Civila, Ligitaj

FallReduzita, Furoro, Interligita

WinterFino, Petitioner, Amberanto


There are three weeks per month.

Pasinte, Ceestanta, Estonteco


There are ten days per week.

Nulo, Unu, Du, Tri, Kvar, Kvin, Ses, Sep, Ok, Nau


Referring to a Date Formally: Era # / Era / Era Year / Month / Week / Day

EX:   1 Umbral 1119 Ekvivalento Passinte Tri

Referring to a Date Informally: Month / Week / Day, assumption is that you are speaking of the most recent future date if speaking in future tense and most recent past date if speaking in past tense

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